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Who We Are

About Us:

We started this little business as a means to make a little side cash to pay down our debt and have since fallen in love with the process. We currently produce hot process soap bars and shaving soap tins, as well as a small assortment of other bath products, from the comfort of our own home. The ingredients we choose are all natural and our products contain only essential oils, not fragrance oils as you’ll see in some craft stores. We try to source from local small businesses whenever possible, as we know how difficult it is starting small and think its important to give back to others.

Meet Our Team:

Tyler “Buddha” Espinal, Owner

Tyler came up with the idea of making soap as a side business to increase our home’s cash flow. He is a college student, a CNA, and now an entrepreneur. The name Buddha’s Best Soap stems from his nickname of Buddha that his high school friends gave him a few years back. Tyler does the bulk of the soap production, sets up shop displays, and oversees all other business operations.

Beth-Ann Quinlan, Shop Manager

Beth-Ann, or Tyler’s Mom, is the manager of this small business. She does everything from assisting in the soap making process, to marketing/advertising, to packaging and more. As a single mom of two boys, working a full time job, she took on this challenge more as a hobby but has enjoyed spending quality time helping her son grow the business.

About Us: About Us
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